Your dungeon is being invaded by thieves, and it’s up to you to protect it. As you move around your dungeon to discover new treasures, blow fire on thieves to destroy them.

Game Play:
Using your finger to move around the dungeon map. By double tapping your dragon can breathe fire. If the fire hit’s a thief, they will drop some treasure and one power gem. When you have collecting enough power gems. A magically lock will appear over the dungeon entrance. Then you, be able move to the next level. But if you lose all your treasure or health the game will be over.

Major Game Features
Download new levels
Single Mode: game campaigns.
Finger Flow gameplay 
GameCenter support
iPad, iPhone, and iOS 8
Description: A dice utility for playing tabletop and RPG games. Let you roll dice and calculate the dice rolls. Features:
- Full set of RPG dice (d4 - d20)
- Displays last roll
- Basic dice calculator. Adds current and last roll
NEWS: 12.18.2014 New Puffer